Friday, June 28, 2013

All You Need to Know About Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses - June 28, 2013

Here at, we offer a wide array of Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses and Goggles.  We offer motorcycle eyewear in a number of different categories, including but not limited to, Rx Prescription Motorcycle Eyewear, Photochromic Sunglasses, commonly referred to as auto-darkening sunglasses, Goggles that transform from goggles to sunglasses and back in just minutes, Interchangeable Kits with multiple lenses, Padded Motorcycle Eyewear, and Goggles with Bi-Focals.

Our Photochromic Riding Eyewear, also referred to as either Transitionals or Auto Darkening Sunglasses works great when riding from morning to night, because the lenses do the work for you!  The lenses will change color as the sun comes up and goes down, changing from a clear/light grey to a charcoal/dark grey.

Our Padded Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses, also referred to as foamers, includes a  foam liner on the inside of the frames preventing wind and debris from affecting your eyes.  This helps to prevent your eyes from drying out and helps to protect your eyes from rocks, debris, and dust.  Our Padded Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses include Rx Glasses, Photochromic Sunglasses, Polarized Lenses, and Interchangeable Kits.

Our Interchangeable Sunglasses and Goggles work great for all day riding as well.  The kits include multiple lenses.  Colors include Smoke, Yellow, Brown, and Clear.   The smoke is of course for the sunny hours of the day.  The Yellow is great for rain and night riding.  The brown works best in rain and the clear is used at night and when it's too cloudy to wear the smoke.  The best thing about the interchangeable sunglasses, you are only required to carry the one pair of glasses.  No longer will you need to carry a clear set of glasses and/or goggles and a pair of motorcycle riding sunglasses.

Rx Prescription Ready Sunglasses includes lenses and or inserts that you can take to your local eye doctor and have your prescription inserted.  If buying Rx Eyewear WITHOUT the insert, you simply take the glasses to your eye doctor and he or she will replace the lenses with lenses that include your prescription.  If buying Rx Eyewear WITH inserts, the eye doctor will fill the inserts with your prescription.

Come on over to for all your motorcycle eyewear needs!  To top if all off we even have motorcycle headgear for men and women.  Sounds like one stop shopping!  Visit us today!

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