Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bobster Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses - September 10, 2013

Bobster Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses at Superflysunglasses.com!  Bobster Eyewear includes Photochromics, also referred to as auto-darkening sunglasses, Interchangeables, Padded Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses, Rx Lenses and Frames, Convertible Sunglasses/Goggles, which are sunglasses that can be converted to goggles, Off Road Goggles, Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses with Safety Lenses, and Over the Glasses Eyewear for those with prescription glasses.

Lens colors include clear, charcoal, brown and yellow.  Clear lenses are used for night riding or cloudy conditions.  Yellow lenses are great for riding in the rain as the yellow lens make everything extra clear and really brightens everything up.  The brown and charcoal lenses are used for sunny conditions.  The Photochromic lenses are transitional lenses that start out at a light grey shade and darken throughout the day as the sun gets brighter and then lighten as evening comes around.  On a cloudy day the lenses will not darken nearly as much as a sunny day allowing you to wear the glasses for safety reasons and still allow visibility.

Bobster Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses are the best motorcycle riding sunglasses.  We have options for every occasion, for men and women, available as sunglasses and/or goggles.

Check out Superflysunglasses.com.  We not only have eyewear for riding, we also have Motorcycle Riding Headgear and Boot Clips!

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